Friday, 17 December 2010

I Disagree with Nick

No single party won this year's UK election. It was right for the Lib Dems to agree to form a coalition with the Tories for the sake of political stability. It was understandable that the Lib Dems had to compromise on some of their policies including Student Tuition Fees; the reasonable agreement reached was that the Lib Dems would abstain on the issue. So far, so reasonable.

However, for senior Lib Dems to claim a Damascean conversion from a pre-election signed promise to oppose any increase in fees to voting for a three-fold increase to the maximum fee chargeable is a u-turn too far. The cry of 'foul' from students was foreseeable and eminently justified.

Boy, do I disagree with Nick on this one! As a consequence, I have resigned my Lib Dem membership.

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