Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Gender Madness

So, the European Court of Justice has decreed that gender discrimination by companies offering car insurance, life assurance and life annuities will become unlawful at the end of next year. For example, a young female driver, everything else being equal, will have to be quoted the same premium as a young male driver. 'Ave a bloody word wiv y'self mate! On average, young men exhibit considerably more risk-taking behaviour than young women; with the result that they cause more death, injury and destruction on our roads. Their car insurance claims are therefore far higher than those made by young females. Quite rightly, they pay higher premiums and so say all of us! No?

I'm all for gender equality but there are considerable differences between the male and the female anatomy and psyche. Equality does not equal sameness. If we continue to insist on a gender-blind society, we will, for example, ignore the fact that the developmental profile of boys and girls is very different. This should be taken into account by the education system. Not to do so is currently courting problems and leading to educational failure.

A policy of complete gender-blindness means that the next ruling may make it mandatory to have only proper sit-down toilet-stalls in male lavatories; those porcelain walls are obviously not on since they discriminate against us men! Come on folks; finkabowdit!

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