Friday, 27 May 2011

Who Bungled the Shoesmith Sacking?

We need to remember that the Court of Appeal judges have simply found that Ms Shoesmith was 'unfairly dismissed'. Their ruling was silent with regard to the severely critical Ofsted report that led to the decision to sack Ms Shoesmith. That report's criticisms of  Haringey's Children's Services Department, headed by Ms Shoesmith, and her responsibility for the systematic deficiencies of that Department stand unaffected by this finding of the Court of Appeal. It may well have been proportionate for her to lose her job in the light of the damning Ofsted report.

The spotlight should now fall on those responsible  for the flawed procedures that were followed in actioning her dismissal. It would appear that those that did the bungling have caused the costly and unpleasant spectacle we have recently witnessed and the estimated £2-3 million compensation that their incompetent actions will probably cost the public purse. Their jobs should be on the line.

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