Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Famous Rainham Diamond Necklace

Dianne and John are in the cellar. They are searching for the famous Rainham Diamond Necklace. They've been tipped-off that it's hidden somewhere down here; in the cellar. Finding it isn't going to be easy. The unlit room is full of junk. Dianne has a torch with very low power but its weak beam lights a wide area. John also has a torch but, although powerful, it lights just a small area. It leaves the rest of the room in darkness. Dianne suggests they use her torch but John argues that his torch is more likely to assist their search. What a silly story I hear you say; why don't they use both torches?  Why don't they indeed!

The strength of the female brain is that it tends to illuminate the world broadly but tends to sacrifice detail. The strength of the male brain is that it tends to be bright/ sharply focused but very narrow.

I simply want to suggest that we always use both torches!

This doesn't only apply when making decisions in heterosexual relationships. It has implications in boardrooms and politics too. Whenever and wherever decisions are made, it pays to get both a male and a female perspective on the issues involved.

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