Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sexual Tension in Multi-Cultural Cities

There have apparently been recent instances of groups of young Asian men targeting young, predominantly white, girls for sexual grooming. Jack Straw has suggested that some Asian men regard some young white girls as " -- easy meat". The emotive language is unsubstantiated, unnecessary and tends to distort rational discussion Jack. However, it has got our attention and I suspect that this was the intention. If this kind of thing is indeed happening in our cities, are we surprised?

Young men, whatever their cultural background, are highly sexually motivated. Particularly in the Islamic faith, fertile females are strongly encouraged to dress to hide their sexual allure and to stay virginal prior to marriage. In many parts of the UK this cultural behaviour exists side-by-side with a non-Islamic culture that tends to allow/encourage considerable freedom of dress and sexual behaviour for young girls. Also, there is a tendency for young girls to underestimate the sexual drive experienced by young men. Now finkabowdit; what do you expect to happen?

What can we do on the non-Islamic side of this situation in order to reduce the tension? This is a suitable subject for a PhD thesis rather than a blog-entry. However, I would suggest that we might encourage our young females to modify their sexual display. It is all too commonly blatant, vulgar, cheap and, often unbeknown to the girls themselves, provocative to the baser instincts produced by the testosterone rush of young male-hood.

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